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See Alaska’s “forgotten shore” at Snug Harbor Outpost

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Visit Snug Harbor Outpost in the Tuxedni Wilderness at the Mouth of Lake Clark National Park

Are you looking for an authentic Alaskan adventure in Summer? Start your adventure at the Snug Harbor Outpost. Snug Harbor Outpost is nestled deep in the heart of the Tuxedni Wilderness at the mouth of Lake Clark National Park. Experience the stunning natural beauty of Chisik Island, relive 100+ years of salmon fishing history, and connect with the roots and culture of one of Alaska’s last remaining canneries.

Snug Harbor is the perfect place to experience your big Alaska items: bear viewing, fishing, learning about Alaska’s rich salmon industry history, and feeling the wide open space that Alaska offers. 

flying over snug harbor outpost in alaska
Flying over Chisik Island and Snug Harbor Outpost from Lake Clark National Park.

8 Unique Things To Do In Snug Harbor, Alaska

– Bear viewing 

Bear viewing is high on the Alaska bucket list. Lake Clark National Park area offers world-class bear viewing opportunities on the coast. 

– Halibut and salmon fishing

Come experience world-class salmon and halibut fishing. Fishing in Alaska is a must! Fish is an important part of the way of life for all Alaskans. 

– Bird watching

Surrounded by wilderness, Snug Harber offers a world of opportunity for Alaska bird-watching in an ecological setting. With over 180 species of birds, Chisik Island is a Federally protected bird sanctuary.

– Immersion in the history of Alaska’s salmon industry

They represent 100+ years of salmon fishing history and connect with the roots and culture of one of Alaska’s last remaining canneries. 

– Clam digging

Yes, bring your buckets and shovels to a clam-digging adventure!

– Fossil hunting

The 25-foot tidal surges of Fossil Point are constantly exposing fossilized marine organisms from the early middle Jurassic age (145 – 201 million years ago!). 

– Incredible natural beauty 

Away from the crowd, surround yourself with this incredible natural scenery. 

–  Experience PLENTY of Free Space, peace, quiet, and solitude

Check out the video: 

Located on the west side of Cook Inlet on Chisik Island, Snug Harbor was originally built as a cannery in 1908. After it closed, the Porter family had the chance to acquire the site. Since they had spent years fishing the waters and enjoying the island, they bought it. After enjoying the area as a family retreat, the renovations began. 

Today, guests can enjoy comfy accommodations while exploring “the forgotten shore” on the edge of Lake Clark National Park.

Guests typically stay for one or two nights, which affords time to fish, see the bears, and learn about the history of the cannery—and its special place as Alaska’s “forgotten shore.”

Here’s what’s included in your package:

Roundtrip boat transfer from Homer or Kenai to Snug Harbor Outpost on Chisik Island

Charter fishing for halibut

guided bear viewing

all meals 


orientation about the cannery’s history and the surroundings

exploring snug harbor outpost in alaska
Hiking on Chisik Island

Chose from two packages, or work with the staff on a custom package

3 days/2 nights $2,400 per person (recommended)

2 days/1 night $1,500 per person

You’re in the wilderness at Snug Harbor Outpost, so there’s no wi-fi or cell service.

bear viewing in snug harbor alaska
Snug Harbor Outpost is a great remote place to see bears.

Come fish for salmon and halibut, see bears in the wild, and learn a side of Alaska’s important history at Snug Harbor Outpost. We love unique adventures, and this certainly is one of the best places to go.

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