Never miss a hot airfare deal again #AirFare911

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Many of the BEST airfare deals are time-sensitive. With #AirFare911 Direct, you’ll never miss a hot airfare deal again. Sign up for as little as $5/mo. when you pay for a year in advance ($60).

Lately, featured fares included:

Anchorage-Seattle $49 o/w Alaska Air  (fare gone)
Anchorage-Los Angeles $88 o/w Alaska Air (fare gone)
Anchorage-Detroit $67 o/w Alaska Air (fare gone)
Anchorage-Dallas $97 o/w Alaska Air
Anchorage-New York $94 o/w American Air

Earlier today I sent a text alert  about low-low first class fares to Seattle.

You’ll receive information on the fare, applicable dates of travel and the airline. If necessary, I’ll include booking info. Usually, tho’, you can find the fare at the airline website.

You have to the booking on your own. There’s no link or short-cut provided in the text.

OK, once more…then I really have to go: CLICK THE BUTTON:

Big shout-out to my Chief Inspiration Officer, Lorena Knapp, for putting together a SPECIAL PAGE for FAQs and other important information on this program. Drop me a note at [email protected] or you can TEXT me at +1(907)727-1113.

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