Healthy Traveler: Vaccine is on the way.

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You don’t want to throw away your shot! If you qualify (65+), be sure and make your reservation HERE for your shot. New locations are added regularly.

L to R: Katrine Bengaard DO, Meredith Dean (pharm), Heather Kenison RN, James Austin RN

COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed across Alaska right now. In Kotzebue, a team from Maniilaq Health Association flew to Ambler, Shungnak and Kobuk (photo from Dr. Anne Zink’s FB page).

Contrast this photo with a snapshot of the Sisters of Providence in Nome (below), headed out to care for the sick on a dogsled in 1918. Probably with vaccine.

As more Alaskans–as well as travelers throughout the U.S.–get vaccinated, it’s still crucial to maintain strict COVID protocol: Wear a mask, wash your hands, practice social distancing and avoid indoor groups.

Keep it up: wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance (six feet).

If you’re traveling, pay close attention to Alaska’s requirements for coming back after a trip Outside. CLICK HERE for the latest info from “

Our hats are off to the public health professionals who are traveling around Alaska to vaccinate front-line workers and elders. We can do our part by staying vigilant: wear a mask, wash your hands and stay six feet apart from others. Also, if you’re traveling, CLICK HERE to learn how and where to get COVID-tested before you return to Alaska!

More questions about traveling and COVID-19? Check out the “FAQ’ section HERE.

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