Comfort Food: Grilled Chicken Fettuccine

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One of our regular readers, Patrick Flynn, offers this delicious chicken fettuccine recipe…aka COMFORT FOOD! He writes:

“I saw the (Juno Kim’s) kimchi pancakes recipe and can’t wait to try it!  One of our favorite comfort foods is grilled chicken fettuccine.  It reminds me of travel because it’s such a family favorite I make it here in Anchorage whenever my in-laws come to visit, and I’ve made it when visiting with family all over the country!  I don’t use many measurements as this is a fun recipe to play with (kids like the stirring part) and I’ve been advised it’s best to approach love & cooking with reckless abandon!”

• Up to an entire bulb of garlic
• Olive oil
• Butter
• Heavy cream (can use milk in a pinch, or to get a lighter sauce)
• Romano or Parmesan cheese, shredded (we prefer romano for the more robust flavor)
• 3-4 chicken breasts
• Up to a pound of fettuccine noodles
• Cayenne pepper (optional)
• Paprika (optional)
• Black pepper (optional)

Rice or mince multiple cloves of garlic into a pan, pour some olive oil on it to soak and toss in ~1/4 stick of butter.  Cover pan so the oil absorbs the garlic aroma.  (I’ll often do this around mid-day so that the house smells delicious well before dinner.)

Grill some chicken breasts.  For a full recipe I usually do three.

Start boiling some fettucine noodles; I usually don’t use the entire one-pound package, maybe 3/4.

Warm the pan with the garlic, oil & butter.  Once the butter melts and the garlic starts to simmer add heavy cream.  Once that warms stir in some shredded romano or parmesan cheese until it melts.

Dice the chicken breasts and add them to the pan to mix and soak up the garlic flavor.

• Option here – add some grated black pepper.

• Add the pasta, stir it all up (maybe with some more cheese) and done!

For Nana style skip the garlic and liberally add cayenne pepper, paprika and whatever else suits your fancy with the cream. (Nana is allergic to garlic so we created this alternative.  It’s pretty easy to do two pans side by side and I’ve come to love it as much as the original!)

For Kian style, go light on the garlic and conservatively add cayenne pepper with the cream. (Variations on a theme…)


P.S. Pro tip – apple slices after dinner help soothe a garlic-soaked palate

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