Healthy traveler: Vaccines are being distributed in Alaska

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A UPS 747 arrives at Ted Stevens Anchorage Int’l Airport with the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine. Photo: UPS

It’s true. If you’re on a plane in Alaska this week, there may be a supply of coronovirus vaccine on board. 

The first batch is designated for front-line responders and hospital workers…but this is the latest step to bring the pandemic under control. 

IMPORTANT. Even when you receive the vaccine, you still need to wear a mask. You still need to wash your hands. You still need to keep your distance from others (six feet). We won’t need to keep doing those things forever but now is not the time to let down our guard – not yet.

When it’s time for you to get your vaccine, it’s a two-step process. you have to come back after a month for your second shot. Then it still takes awhile for the antibodies to build up and protect you. So you still need to mask up, wash your hands and keep your distance

Watch Dr. Anne Zink’s update (click on the image, above). She offers important information on the vaccine, case counts and the role each Alaskan has in order to mitigate further spread of COVID-19. Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services recommends you postpone travel at this time. However, if you have plan to travel CLICK HERE and follow the guidelines.


If you’re traveling Outside, no pre-travel testing is required (except Hawaii). Many states, including Washington, Oregon, New York, Minnesota and California mandate a 14-day quarantine for all out-of-state visitors. Hawaii has its own protocol, including a valid test from a “trusted testing partners” taken 72-hours before your flight. In Alaska, that includes ALL Anchorage Walgreens locations and Capstone Clinic’s Hawaii testing sites ($95 per test).

Returning to Alaska, you must submit a travel declaration and self-isolation plan at the online travel portal.

Residents should arrive with proof of their negative COVID-19 test, or receive a test at the airport and quarantine until you receive your test results. DETAILS HERE.


Submit a travel declaration and self-isolation plan through the online traveler portal.

Arrive with proof of qualifying negative COVID-19 test (or purchase a test at the airport in Alaska for $250).

ALL travelers arriving in Alaska are encouraged to get a second COVID-19 test 5-14 days after arrival in Alaska.

If you are an essential worker (like the ELVES, pictured above), follow the plan your employer has filed with the State of Alaska. CLICK HERE for more info.

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