Travel notes: From Prague to Chiang Mai and back again

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Captain’s Log: Star Date 6.19.2017

Hey—remember our tropical contributor, Danny Kreilkamp? He was posting earlier this year about his great adventures in Chiang Mai and the rest of Southeast Asia. W-e-l-l. #COVID

Danny caught the last plane out of town. But things changed. He met a girl on the way to Thailand.. And now they’re getting married.  Here, Danny reviews his journal….detailing some of his crazy adventures…as he makes plans for the next chapter of his life. —Scott

Last weekend I spent the first few days of 27 in Seattle. This was probably against my better judgement, but I’m glad I did. It had been over a year since seeing some of my closest friends, longer since my oldest sister.

It was weird flying again. In some ways, it felt quite natural and I could get used to the additional leg room. At other times it felt uncomfortably crowded. Not only in the plane, but also the space in which your mental gymnastics tries balancing feelings of guilt and reason. Guilt for traveling in the middle of a pandemic. Reason in considering that the “middle” is a pretty abstract concept at this point, where masks and discounted flights may simply be the new norm.

Of course, my phone died about fifteen minutes into the flight. So to kill time, I started crunching some wedding numbers in my journal (getting married in December.. crazy). After establishing how broke I was about to be, I began flipping through the journal’s earlier entries. The first few pages documented my trip through Europe during the summer of 2016—my first taste of life outside of North America. I forgot these pages and many of the memories contained in them still existed. In the event that I lose the physical copy, and since memories aren’t always entirely reliable, at least I’ll have this.

Flipping through those pages, I was quickly taken to a new place entirely: I was on a bus, somewhere in Europe.


Danny and his fiancé, Teranay

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