H-e-l-l-o-o-o King Salmon! #TripReport

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On the apron at AKN– King Salmon Airport

There’s a new plane flying between Anchorage, King Salmon and Dillingham. Alaska Air’s 737s stopped flying earlier this week. Now, the “E175” is taking over.

Operated by Alaska’s sister airline Horizon Air, the E175, with 76 seats, will fly a loop from Anchorage to King Salmon, over to Dillingham and back to Anchorage.

Inside the 76-seat E175 jet, operated by Horizon Air.

The ship we flew yesterday, N651QX, is dedicated to those who serve in America’s armed forces—and it’s got a great paint job. The plane is just a year old—it’s still got that “new plane” smell.

Instead of the normal 3×3 configuration in the 737, the E175 is 2×2. No middle seats. Up in “F”, it’s a 2×1 configuration. Note: there aren’t any power outlets in coach. And the plug-ins on the “F” seats are just for standard 2- or 3-pronged plugs. There are no USB charging ports.

Mt. Redoubt, from 35,000 feet.

Just like the big jets, the E175 flies high—35,000 feet. We climbed quickly out of the sleet in Anchorage into the blue sky.

The flight to King Salmon is just 47 minutes—so there wasn’t any food or beverage service. Plus, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the whole process of passing out food and pouring drinks. 

In addition to the King Salmon/Dillingham service, the E175s (there are two of them) also will fly Anchorage-Fairbanks and Anchorage-Seattle.

It was great to go to the airport again and get on a plane. 

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