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Mollie of Denali: “Join our private tour on Denali Park Road”

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Mollie Foster aka “Mollie of Denali” is your driver/guide in the lead vehicle!

Here’s your custom Denali National Park tour for 2020: Drive a new Chevy Suburban with Traverse Alaska on a tour with just you and your family (up to eight people) back to Mile 66 on the Park Road…the Eielson Visitor Center. 

On the Park Road. Photo by Mollie Foster.

You’ll be following the lead vehicle (pictured, top), with Traverse Alaska’s driver/guide in charge (Mollie Foster is just one member of the crew). These guides have lots of experience—they know where all the critters are hiding. So there are plenty of stops along with the way. You’ll learn about the park, the critters and the Great One: Denali.

A long Alaskan sunset in Denali National Park. Photo by Mollie Foster.

Here’s the deal. The fine folks at Traverse Alaska are much more “hikers” and “adventurers” than they are drivers. So they have a 2-day package which includes a custom hike on the first day. THAT is the package you want.

Check out the website and then call them with questions and to make reservations.

One-day Denali Park Road trip details:

* This exclusive summer 2020 offering allows visitors to get behind the wheel and drive the Denali Park Road in a comfy, new Traverse Alaska Suburban.

* Individual parties (you + your family and friends) are able to drive to mile 66 (Eielson Visitor Center).

* Leading your trip in a separate vehicle & communicating via 2-way radio, is one of our driver guides. 

* All of our driver guides are professional CDL drivers with naturalist training and years (sometimes decades) of experience driving the Denali Park Road.

* $895 per vehicle (up to 8 passengers per vehicle – all passengers are exclusively members from your group). Max 2 vehicles per trip.

2-day Denali Park Road + Hiking Combo trip details:

* All the great things from the Denali Park Road trip plus a full day (up to 8 hours) of private, guided hiking in the Denali area.

* We like to take visitors off the beaten path and explore trailess wilderness. 

* Each hike is custom-designed to meet the activity level and interests of your private group.

* All of our guides are well trained in history, culture, flora, fauna, geology and safety (all guides are Wilderness First Responders).

* $1790 for both days (total). Up to 8 guests, lodging not included. 

The Great One. Photo by Mollie Foster.

CLICK THROUGH for details and contact info.

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