Cyber Monday airfare sales

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This is a developing story. Here are some airfares to get you started!

TRAVEL: Jan 9-Mar 2 (some fares are available on later dates)
PURCHASE BY: Wednesday night, Nov. 28, 2018.

Alaska’s fares are the new “SAVER” fares. Delta and United are “Basic Economy.” Alaska’s SAVER fares only allow assigned seats at the back of the aircraft. no upgrades, changes or cancellations (even for elites).

Check ’em out.

Anchorage-Portland $139 o/w Alaska Air n/s
Anchorage-Seattle $111 o/w Delta
Los Angeles/LAX $146 ow Alaska Air n/s
San Francisco $167 o/w Delta
Sacramento$179 o/w Alaska
Las Vegas $177 o/w Delta
Minneapolis $171 o/w Delta n/s
Boston $197 o/w United
Salt Lake City $170 o/w Delta
Denver $191 o/w Alaska
Phoenix $186 o/w Alaska
Albuquerque $189 o/w Alaska Air 

Orlando $183 o/w Delta
Burbank $189 o/w Alaska Air
San Diego $180 o/w Alaska Air
Anchorage-Detroit $197 o/w United

OAKLAND-LONDON $128 : 1/20-3/26 ($219 return) ….coupon code EVERYROUTE2018 Norwegian (nonstop B787)
OAKLAND-PARIS $158 o/w 1/20-3/12 ($185 return)  ….coupon code EVERYROUTE2018 Norwegian (nonstop B787)
OAKLAND-BARCELONA $149 o/w 1/14-3/11 ($175 return)  ….coupon code EVERYROUTE2018 Norwegian (nonstop B787)

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