Rent a car from Avis…then buy one (that’s what I did).

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When I’m traveling around Alaska, I rent from Avis. Fairbanks. Juneau. Kenai. Kodiak (pictured, above). Sitka…all those places. Then, there are the places where Avis rents cars that I have not yet explored: Petersburg, for example. And yes…there’s more: Haines, Skagway and Whittier.

In the photo above, I traveled to Kodiak with the news crew from KTVA: Megan Mazurek, James Gaddis and Rick Rysso. As you can see, our Toyota minivan from Avis was the perfect buggy for my high-maintenance crew. HA

So…now is your chance to buy one of Avis‘s well-maintained cars. Here’s the website: I’ve bought a couple of them myself: a Toyota Camry and a Nissan Sentra.

All the cars are late-model and many of the factory warrantees still are in force. Here are some of my favorites:

In Anchorage:

I’m luvin’ on this 2016 Toyota Prius for $17,991:

Larry’s going all-in for this 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe for $19,991:

I’m getting ready to try on this 2016 Nissan Altima. It looks good on, dontchyathink? $13,991

Check out the WHOLE LIST RIGHT HERE. Or, call Larry at (907)202-7156.

Right now there are 44 cars, including pickups, SUVs, economy and everything in-between.

Wait for it:

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