OFFICE HOURS: Wed., Jan. 10, 4-6pm

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Join us next week for our monthly “Office Hours” session at The Boardroom. Bring your laptop. This is where we spend some time drilling down on “travel search” and booking methods. They’ve got free, fast wi-fi and a projector so we can all follow along on searching and booking.

Are you looking for a great airfare? Did you hear about a super deal but can’t find it? Join us–and we’ll go through the basics. With a little practice, you can be your own Travel Guru!

What: “Office Hours”
Who: Avid travelers who want hands-on guidance with searching for travel and booking it.
When: Wed., Jan. 10, 2018, 4-6pm
Where: The Boardroom, 601 W. 6th Ave., Second Floor.
Why: We want to answer your most-asked travel questions, then stick around for follow-up!
How much: $25, unless you subscribe to the “Premium” #Airfare911 plan. Then, it’s free. There are only 15 spots.

SIGN UP: Click the link First, it will ask for your cell phone number, then it will take you to the payment gateway.

QUESTIONS: Drop me a note: [email protected] or call me: (907)727-1113.

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