BLACK FRIDAY UPDATE: ANC/FAI to Europe from $403rt

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Just the facts here…short on graphics. HAHA.

Please get on this right away as I do not expect these rates to last. Either they will expire…or they will sell out. Bad news for procrastinators, as usual. Remember…you can BUY it and hold it for 24 hours…no charge.

Delta: ANC/FAI-Amsterdam starts Nov 28 from $416rt (starting Mar 26, 2017= $403rt) thru May 11

Delta: ANC/FAI-Paris from $436rt starts May 28 thru Mar 23, $448rt thru May 11

Delta: ANC/FAI-London/Heathrow from $518rt starts Nov 28 thru May 11

Delta: ANC/FAI-Rome $455rt start Nov 28  thru May 11

Delta: ANC/FAI-Madrid $443rt starts Nov 28 thru May 9

Delta: ANC/FAI-Lisbon from $447rt starts Nov 28 thru May 9

Delta: ANC/FAI-Copenhagen from $456rt start Nov 28

Delta: ANC-Milan from $443rt starts Dec 1 (I didn’t have time to check Fairbanks…but I’ll bet the rest of these are available from FAI)

Delta: ANC-Frankfurt from $486rt starts Nov 28

Delta: ANC-Geneva from $458rt starts Nov 28

Delta: ANC-Prague $455rt

Delta: ANC-Athens $478rt

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