Stillpoint Lodge: a wonderful weekend in Halibut Cove!

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We had a great time at Stillpoint Lodge last weekend down in Halibut Cove. You’ve GOT to check out the pics. Jim Thurston, the lodge co-founder, came over to pick us up at the Homer Spit in his boat, The Far Side. WHOA…what a boat. I sat up top on the six-mile ride over to Halibut Cove. We cruised by Gull Island and saw whales, puffins, otters and lots of other birds.

Beka, the lodge manager, was at the dock when we arrived. We walked up together to the lodge where Chris, the bartender, had some cool beverages ready for us.

Dinner was delicious (check out the photo of the smoked black cod…with a little maple syrup magic). We sat with Jim and his wife Jan, who came up with the idea of a spiritual retreat center. So when you come, you’re welcome to walk the labyrinth (we did, of course), take a yoga class (there are several instructors on the staff), meditate in the “Poustinia” cabin, get a massage, soak in the hot tub. THE WORKS.

We stayed up too late around the firepit roasting marshmallows. Still, we were up bright and early (OKOK….8:30am) to go for our hike and kayak trip to the glacier. CHECK OUT THE PICS. The crew packed a lunch…and they stash some inflatable kayaks near the shore–so we don’t have to portage the boats!!

We spent so much time paddling around the glaciers that we almost didn’t make it back for HAPPY HOUR. Fear not, we were JUST in time!

Check out Stillpoint Lodge if you want some great adventures in the LAP OF LUXURY! Hey…did I mention that BOAT? The Far Side? hahahaha. Call Beka: (907) 299-7240. Tell her I sent you.


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