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IMG_5284 _Snapseed _SnapseedHere’s the story: there are some great fares RIGHT NOW…others in August…a couple in September. I’m drilling down on RIGHT-NOW fares. Check ‘em out. Do you like the pic I snapped of the flight to Bethel (above)? My son, David, snapped a pic as I was posing in front of one of the all-new 747-8s on the tarmac. IMG_7298

Oh, HEY, if you can’t find the fares on each and every day on each and every flight…well…GET REAL. You may have to search around a bit. I used ITA’s airfare matrix to find MOST of these. It’s a good resource. If you STILL can’t find the fare—well, it may be gone. Or, you can call a travel agent…they will charge you an extra $35-$40.

If you are desperate, or if there’s a particular city you’re looking for, drop me a note. No promises…but I’m just sitting around checking airfares…so you might get lucky. HAHA [email protected]

Between Anchorage and:

Seattle $203rt JetBlue starts 8/3 (ALL DOMESTIC FARES WORK IN BOTH DIRECTIONS, btw)
Portland $203rt Delta starts 8/8
Long Beach, CA $261rt JetBlue starts 7/29
Las Vegas $320rt Alaska Air starts 7/25
Phoenix $331rt Alaska Air starts 8/4
Boston $466rt United and Delta starts 8/24
Los Angeles/LAX $271rt Alaska Air starts 8/4
Minneapolis $389rt Delta starts 7/17

INTL BONUS: One-way Anchorage-Frankfurt on Condor $350-$400  July 12, 13, 16, 17, 19. 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 (DISCLOSURE: the return trip costs MUCH MORE)

INTL  BONUS: Anchorage-Kuala Lumpur $722rt (starts Sept 7) on Delta to Tokyo, then All Nippon to KUL. You may have to pay a travel agent to book this for you…but perhaps you can book it on Princeline.

INTL  BONUS: Anchorage-Quito, Ecuador $732 rt starts Sept. 7 on Alaska and Avianca (via LAX). You probably have to call Avianca to book, or you may find it on Priceline.

Between Fairbanks and:

Seattle $286rt Delta starts 7/25
Denver $489rt Alaska Air starts 8/10
Sacramento $423rt Alaska Air starts 8/2
Boston $456rt Delta starts 7/25
Los Angeles/LAX $400rt Delta starts 8/2
Orlando $493rt American starts 8/22
LAS VEGAS $419rt Delta BUY TODAY, FLY TODAY….no advance purchase!

INTL BONUS: One-way Fairbanks-Frankfurt under $400: Jul 14, 15, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 28

Between Juneau and:

Seattle $320rt Alaska starts 8/1
Portland $397rt Alaska Air starts 8/1
Los Angeles/LAX $279rt Alaska Air starts 8/2

INTL BONUS: One-way WHITEHORSE-Frankfurt under $300: Jul 21, 25, 28

Sitka-Seattle $372rt Alaska Air starts 8/1
Sitka-Los Angeles/LAX $353rt Alaska Air starts 7/18
Ketchikan-Seattle $324rt Alaska Air starts 8/1
Ketchikan-Los Angeles/LAX $348rt Delta starts 7/18

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