Alaska Travel Source: Welcome to Tahiti!

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Ia Orana !

Check out the latest deal from Alaska Travel Source: a six-night/five-night package from LAX, including air fare. Just FYI, the air fare from Anchorage to LAX is available for as little as $328 roundtrip on Alaska Airlines. Bill Beck sent this over–but be quick, since you MUST purchase by May 25:

-Six/nights and five full days at a First Class or Deluxe Tahitian resort.
-Meet-n-Greet plus transfers to/from Papeete.
-Optional tours to nearby Moorea.
-Roundtrip Air from LAX to Papeete, Tahiti.

Bill notes the cost for first class resorts is $1,298 per person, double (such as Maneva Suite Resort). Add $100 more per person for deluxe resort accommodations, such as Le Meridien Resort (PICK ME!!).

Learn more about this special from Bill. Call him at (907)562-2213. Tip: specials like this are one reason why you need your PASSPORT.

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Do you have a gob of frequent flier miles but no patience to go through the sometimes arduous booking process? You know–partner miles, peak-season availability, lousy connections? Let Alaska Travel Source use your mileage points to get you the best bargain. For example, if you want to travel within Alaska, it’s often less expensive to use your miles than to buy a ticket.

Also, if you’re going on an extensive (or expensive) trip, you should consider travel insurance. Alaska Travel Source works with a couple of top-flight providers to make sure you get the right policy, including trip cancellation/interruption, medical evacuation, lost/stolen items or documents and other features. Many of the travel insurance benefits go above and beyond what your credit card company will cover, for example.

Headed to Hawaii? Mexico? Cruise? Visiting friends and relatives? Call Alaska Travel Source: (907)562-2213. Or, check out the website and explore the “Booking Engine” component to give you an idea of the best air fares between your cities.

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