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We’re having a great time in New York. First, there’s the New York Times Travel Show, with seminars and booths from all over the world. Lots of ideas. But that takes a back seat to the real glory-story of the city-so-nice-they-named-it-twice: the food.

I took my niece on a great food tour yesterday with our guide, Jacqueline Orange. Above: me, Madeleine and Jacqui. Quick note: I won this trip in the annual “Passports With Purpose” contest. soulThat’s where a bunch of travel bloggers (including me) get together and raise some money for a good cause. This year: digging water wells in Haiti. So–as part of that, I won this trip! Somebody else won our prize, a copy of the 2013 Great Alaskan TourSaver. Cool!

Right: All the major “soul” food groups. Cornbread. Collards. Candied yams. Plus some other stuff. HAHAAHA

So Madeleine and I met Jacqui at “Food for Life Supreme” in Harlem. She does the “Taste Harlem Food and Cultural Tour”. In addition to some great restaurants, Jacqui gives you the low-down on the cultural history of her neighborhood. We strolled through “Little Senegal” on 116th Street, went through a fish market, talked about the gentrification of the neighborhood, ate some incredible rugelach, tasted some classic southern comfort food at Amy Ruth’s (chicken and waffles)–and ended at a classic “steam table” soul food restaurant.

Check out the slide show while I edit the video. LOTS of fun!



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