You’ve rented from Avis…now buy one of their cars!

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As the leaves fall…well, this year they’re being blown off the trees. And Avis is blowing out a bunch of their rental car fleet so they don’t have to “feed” them on the lot this winter. With cars all around the state, you can stop in and browse the offers. Here are some of our favorites:

1. 2010 Toyota Highlander: 43,000 miles, $22,990 (like the one pictured above)
2. 2011 Toyota Matrix: 22,000 miles, $19,490
3. 2009 Toyota Sienna: 30,000 miles, $18,790

1. 2011 Toyota Camry: 20K miles, $23,490
2. 2011 Ford Taurus: 20K miles, $21,190
3. 2011 Ford Focus: 26K miles, $15,890

1. 2011 Chev Silverado: 14K miles, $31,090
2. 2011 Toyota Rav4: 11K miles, $20,490
3. 2011 Toyota Corolla: 15K miles, $16,990

Choose from a gob of cars in Kenai, Kodiak and Sitka as well. Visit or call (907)249-8243 in Anchorage  for the latest listings. Buckle up…and let’s be careful out there!

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