More legroom, new interiors at Alaska Airlines

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Oh, there’s news on the “inflight” front with Alaska Airlines. The carrier’s new planes are getting Boeing’s new “Sky” interiors. Click the video for the full treatment.

Do you know the value of an inch? I do–especially when I’m squeezing into a middle seat on my way north from Seattle. So I was thrilled to learn of Alaska’s new seats. They’re slimmer, which means travelers will have a little more room between rows. Also, the pouch for the inflight magazine will be moved to the back of the tray (that means more room for my knees!).

Trust me: anyone who sits in front of me gets excellent lumbar support, particularly if they want to push their seat back. So an extra inch or two makes for a nice flight.

While the new interiors and the new seating will roll out in the coming months, right now Alaska Airlines offers pretty comprehensive inflight wi-fi with GOGO. And that, to me, helps the time go by quickly at 37,000 feet.

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