Something Fierce, Indeed: Acoustic North AK

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Hey, you’ve heard me talk about Marian Call, one of our favorite traveling minstrels. This is the lady who hit the road and traveled to all 50 states for concerts that she arranged on-the-fly. Amazing. And she’s got a new album out, called “Something Fierce”. And she’s a great performer and wonderful musician. Blah blah blah. No, really!!

She’s helping on a show coming up on April 27 as part of the “Acoustic North Alaska”, a spring celebration of Alaskan songs, poems and stories.  That’s next Friday night. It’s at the Snow Goose in downtown Anchorage. You should go. I’m planning on it. Here are a few of the performers scheduled:

Evan Phillips
Marian Call
Melissa Mitchell
Spiff Chambers
Kima Hamilton
Tom Begich
Amy Lou
Jared Woods
Seth Boyer

According to the release, “This extremely intimate and fiercely local celebration always leaves listeners uplifted, refreshed, and excited to be a part of the Alaskan arts community.” Wow. Sounds like fun. Learn more and buy tickets HERE or on Facebook

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