Pickin’ up a Samsung Galaxy S 2…again

In Adventure, Alaska Travelgram, Consumer, Shopping by scott

Hey, I actually carry the Samsung Galaxy S2 from GCI. And now, I just picked up an extra handset for my son. Why? Well, because it’s FAST, with GCI’s new HSPA+ 4G service. It’s a portable wi-fi hotspot, so he can “tether” the phone to his laptop for internet access.

What does that mean? Well, there’s no need for him to sign up for cable-modem service at his apartment. Or, for a land-line, for that matter. The new Samsung is perfectly capable on all fronts.

And it’s got a g-r-e-a-t 8MP camera–both for video and stills.

Of course, the Samsung is just one of several 4g-compatible handsets now available at GCI. But–the SAMSUNG is the one they liked the best. So I got it. And I’m fixin’ to get one for the other folks at Chez McMurren! How about you?

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