Santa, AlaskaAir team up on Club 49 specials

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Finally! The latest deals from Alaska’s popular “Club 49” deals features some decent savings between Anchorage and Seattle: just $394 roundtrip, all in. For Anchorage-Portland, the rate is $20 higher, or $414 roundtrip all in. Just in time for Christmas!

Above, I snapped this pic as we were on final approach into SEA. That’s the I-90 bridge from downtown to Mercer Island over Lake Washington.

Hey–how about Ketchikan-Seattle for $288rt all in? Ya! While we’re scrolling through the “K”s, we’ve got Anchorage-Kotzebue for $205. Ya. That’s the same price for another city pair in this week’s offering: Anchorage-Yakutat, $205rt all in.

You have to purchase your tickets by Thursday eve (perfect little stocking-stuffer, no?). Travel Jan. 17-Feb. 6, 2012 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays.

Of course, your “Club 49” status allows you to check two bags at no additional charge.

Whoa–don’t forget Fairbanks-Portland. That’s a good fare, too: $494rt all in.

Scoop ’em up while @AlaskaAir is dishin’ ’em out, eh?

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