Detailed Air Fare list: roundtrip, all-in, including taxes, fees

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Okay–Here’s a little air fare rundown in light of the FAA reauthorization, which mandates that airlines collect the 7.5 percent aviation tax. There still are some deals out there. The majority of these deals are available between now and Oct. 10, 2011. Above, one of Alaska Airlines‘ Disney-themed 737s.

ALL fares are ROUNDTRIP, including ALL mandatory taxes and fees. I’ve listed dates that I ACTUALLY BOOKED the fare, so I know it’s legit, etc. Of course, prices vary day-to-day, but this list should be a good benchmarking tool. Speaking of benches, I kinda like the one I’m resting my feet on (below). We stayed at a lovely condo in Manzanillo, Mex., just a couple of hours south of Guadalajara (see KILLER air fare, below).

1. Anchorage-Denver $313 9/93-10/1/2011 on Frontier Airlines (HAWT)
2. Anchorage-Dallas $418 9/26-10/4/2011 on USAir
3. Anchorage-New Orleans $340 9/12-9/19/2011 on Continental
4. Anchorage-Minneapolis $414 9/26-10/4/2011 on Delta
5. Anchorage-Chicago $364 9/27-10/5/2011 on Alaska
6. Anchorage-Washington, DC $436 9/23-10/1/2011 on Frontier
7. Anchorage-New York $480 9/12-20/2011 on USAir
8. Anchorage-Hartford, CT $438 9/26-10/4/2011 on Delta
9. Anchorage-Boston $456 9/27-10/5/2011 on Delta
10. Anchorage-Orlando $522 9/27-10/6 on Delta
11. Anchorage-Las Vegas $416 9/11-20/2011 on Alaska
12. Anchorage-Los Angeles (LAX) $335 10/2-8/2011 on USAir
13. Anchorage-Long Beach $335 9/26-10/4/2011 on USAir
14. Anchorage-Orange County (SNA) $336 9/14-22/2011 on Alaska
15. Anchorage-Santa Barbara $355 9.20-28/2011 on Alaska
16. Anchorage-Burbank $336 9/13-22/2011 on Alaska
17. Anchorage-Guadalajara, Mexico $414 10/1-8/2011 on Delta (HAWT) (Saturdays only through Nov. 12, 2011)
18. Anchorage-Ft. Lauderdale, FL $334 9/26-10/5 on Frontier (über-HAWT)

oh…just for grins…check out these “bargain” rates:

Anchorage-Seattle $496 on Alaska (uh…in a category by itself–wouldn’t you agree?)
Anchorage-Portland $534 on Alaska (blecch)

As always, it’s better to plan ahead. If you need a travel agent to fuss with this stuff, I recommend mine: Kelly Jo at USTravel: (907)561-2434 or (800)544-2217. She charges $38 to write your ticket–but she (or the other professionals at USTravel) can drill down quickly and find the right flight/right price. She’ll book your hotel and rental car, too. Cruises, Hawaii, the works. Tell her I sent you.

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