Techno-Travel update from GCI.

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Whether you’re traveling around the state or around the world, up-to-date technology helps you stay connected. Photo at right: The Samsung Galaxy, one of GCI‘s cool phones.

Here’s a wrap from GCI:

a. Xoom Tablet. I’ve got one. Great GPS interface. It’s basically a “Google” tablet, so GoogleMaps, Gmail, Youtube–they’re all seamless. While traveling in Spain, we rented a Spanish mi-fi card (mobile hotspot). WIth that, we powered the Xoom and used Google Maps to navigate the tiny roads in the old towns we were visiting. Worked great! Get a $100 discount off your Xoom tablet at GCI when you sign up for your own (domestic) mi-fi card.

b. Free phones. No contract. If you’ve got GCI’s high-speed internet or cable TV, you qualify for a free cell phone, with NO contract. It’s all month-to-month as long as you get one of GCI’s published “unlimited” plans.

c. Smart phone? Not-so-smart? I’m a big fan of the fast 3G service offered by GCI in Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, Kenai, Ketchikan and a few other parts of the state (CDMA). But out in the villages, that phone didn’t do me any good. Remember the old not-so-smart phones from GCI on the GSM network? That’s what works out in towns like Barrow, Nome and Kotzebue. You might want to dig out your old phone and get a SIM card from GCI if you’re traveling outside of 3G country. Coverage Map HERE.

d. 4G coverage is coming. We don’t have too many details on this–but it cannot come soon enough, eh?

Stop by a GCI store today and check out the latest phones, the latest deals and accessories for your wireless devices.


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