Personal note: Me + my real job

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Many people say to me: “You must love your job”. Well, do you really know what my “job” is? I’m a Gospel singer in my church choir (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church).  Above, we sang at the Pentecost service, which is why we’re all wearing red. This travel thang? Something I love to do.

Let me introduce the band (from top photo). Left to right: Me, Catherine Ormberg and Cody Beltrami (vocals), Stacia Gillam (keyboards–she is our Dear Leader), Spencer Hodgson (guitar/vocals) and Eiden Pospisil (drums).

Photo at right: we had a big gig for a charity auction–so we all got dressed up. So, we now have a Facebook page for our group, “Gospel Groove”. We recently visited our friend Kurt Riemann at Surreal Studios in Anchorage to lay down some tracks. I cajoled our lead singer’s dad, Vince Beltrami, to roll video tape. So–God willing and the creek don’t rise–we’ll have a video out soon. And yes, I’ll be able to share with the class.


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