New Top-10 List of Bargain Air Fares from USTravel

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Wow. The air fares are changing all the time.  About the photo (above): I was sandwiched into a middle seat and leaned across my neighbor’s lap to snap this photo of our approach into Barcelona on Lufthansa.

Let’s take a look at this week’s Top 10 List, brought to you by the travel professionals at USTravel. Hey–they have offices with real-live travel agents in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Kodiak, Ketchikan, Prudhoe Bay, Dutch Harbor, Seattle, Spokane–all over. Click through to their website here: “Like” em on Facebook. Follow ’em on Twitter. Get to know them–you’ll be a better traveler!

10. Anchorage to Fairbanks on Alaska Airlines. $198 rt all in between July 11 and July 22. If you want to travel before that (through July 6), fly on Era Alaska for $238rt all in.

9. Anchorage to Orange Co. California (SNA) on Alaska Airlines. $356 rt all in. Watch this one, ’cause there is downward pressure from jetBlue.

8. Anchorage to Washington, DC on Delta. $476 rt all in. Travel between Aug. 7 and Oct. 10, 2011. This is an awesome rate. Remember, you earn Alaska Airlines EQM (elite qualifying miles) on Delta. Honorable mention: Anchorage-Boston for $460 roundtrip all in on Delta.

7. Anchorage to Minneapolis on Sun Country Airlines. $386 rt all in. FINALLY, a few dates available. Travel ANC-MSP on June 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 28 or July 4. Travel northbound on June 26, 27, 28, 29 or July 4.

6. Anchorage to Denver for $300-something. Honestly, all the carriers (Alaska, Delta, Continental, Frontier) are playing patty-cake with their Denver fares. The best fares expire at the end of June. But in July, I’m finding rates around $446rt all in on Alaska Airlines. Nonstop. Expect the fares to drop further throughout the summer.

5. Anchorage to Chicago for $436 rt all in on Delta. Fly between Aug. 7 and Oct. 10, 2011 for the best price. Alaska Air also has this deal. Fares are a little higher in July.

4. Anchorage to Honolulu for $412 rt all in on Alaska Airlines. Valid for travel Aug. 22-Oct. 27, 2011. Good deal!

3. Anchorage to LAX/Los Angeles for $334 roundtrip all in on Alaska Airlines. Oh, nonstop. That’s huge. Remember–FREE STOP in Seattle or Portland. That makes traveling to LAX the CHEAPEST way to get to Seattle or Portland. Ask your USTravel agent how to make that happen. HINT: You cannot do it on . We’ve tried!!

2. Anchorage to Long Beach for $334 roundtrip all in on jetBlue. Nonstop. Hey–I saw a few $99 seats earlier this morning. They’re gone now…but we’re REALLY watching this market. Fares go up and down to here and L.A. (see #3 above!).

**drum roll please**

1. Anchorage to New Orleans for $379 roundtrip all in on Delta. Valid for travel between Aug. 7 and Oct. 10, 2011 only. This is a great deal. POUNCE AND SAVE!

Remember, all the fares are changing all the time. Check with your real-live travel agent for details. There is a $38 ticketing charge for each ticket. But if they can lock in the right ticket for the right price–and make all your hotel and car reservations at the same time…well, that’s what they’re paid to do!! Call (800)544-2217 or (907)561-2434 in Anchorage. Be sure and ask about Explore Tours–and how they can custom-fit an Alaska holiday for you, your friends/relatives, or both!



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