Clearly Arctic–your Alaska Hydration Station in a bottle!

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Grab a Glacier to Go! “Hydrate,” says the doctor. Well, here in the Last Frontier, “Clearly Arctic” water is the best way to do it. My friend Greg Galik (above), along with his wife Lynn Allingham, are offering this my-t-fyne bottled water from Eklutna Glacier/Eklutna Lake. The PERFECT traveling companion for your Alaska adventure.

Each drop of this precious stuff is gently coddled on its journey from nearby Eklutna Lake (pictured above)  to the bottle. HAHA. Certified organic! HA! Cage-free! HAHA.

No–really, this is good stuff. And it is from Eklutna Lake–glacier fed in the hills above Anchorage. Check out the science on the water itself: . Better, grab a bottle or two at New Sagaya grocery, or at Anchorage Yoga. There are dozens of other outlets around the state, including all the Tesoro stations.

Oh–a word about the bottles. They’re biodegradable and recyclable.

The first bottle I had was small–about 10 ounces. Thankfully, they now have the one-liter bottle available. That’s more my size.

OK–So Dr. Travel sez HYDRATE. When you’re here in Alaska, Clearly Arctic is your hydration station in a bottle. So grab a glacier to go!

Check at your local grocery store for Clearly Arctic. If they don’t have it–ask for it!

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