Bound for Juneau

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The big show these days in Juneau is the Alaska State Legislature. Oohh. Drama. Intrigue. Stuff that matters. Money. Power. All that jazz.

Really, though. It’s important to participate in your state’s government. For many of us, it’s worth it to go and  visit with our legislators first-hand to let them know what we think about a bill, an issue, a stance–or their behavior. Check out “Big John” Binkley here (R). Whoa!

It’s not cheap to get to Juneau. But Alaska Airlines has a special “Constituent Fare” that saves you 30 percent off of those expensive short-notice air fares. Everyone in Alaska with a frequent flyer account gets one. Actually, you have to be plugged in online with your mileage account at .

When you sign in to your account, you’ll see a bar above your mileage information that says “Profile” and “My Trips”. Further over, you’ll find a tab, “Discount Codes”. Click on that and you’ll see the 30 percent off code. Just click on the “shop” button to plan your trip to Juneau. I saved about $140 off of my ticket.

I’m staying at the Driftwood Lodge on Willoughby Ave. It’s next to the Sandpiper Cafe, which is absolutely my favorite place in Juneau for breakfast. After breakfast, I’m going to walk up to the capitol, stopping on the way at Heritage Coffee Company for an extra 12 ounces of fuel (required). I’ve called my representative (Charisse Millett) and she’s expecting me. My colleagues set up a meeting (I think), with my senator, Kevin Meyer. We’re going to do a live radio broadcast next Tuesday, between 2-3pm on KOAN here in Anchorage (95.5FM, 1020AM). TUNE IN!

Whether it’s legislative business or other state-related business, Juneau is a great place to visit. Pick up a car from Avis and drive out to Mendenhall Glacier. Or drive across the bridge to Douglas for lunch at The Island Pub. FABULOUS pizza, great microbrews on tap and top-notch views of the channel and the downtown area. We’ll see you in Alaska’s Capital City!


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