Alaskans: Share your PFD with Pick. Click. Give.

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Those of us in Alaska are fortunate to receive the annual Permanent Fund Dividend. The homegrown “Pick. Click. Give.” program is an easy way to share with organizations you want to support–from human service operations like Beans Cafe in Anchorage, to the Brother Francis Shelter and so forth.
When you’re applying for your PFD online (deadline: Mar. 31, 2011), you can select organizations on the spot. Here’s the site:
Jordan Marshall over at the Rasmuson Foundation put together a long list of other organizations on the Pick. Click. Give. site that you can pick to support. Here are some of my favorites:
Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward
Anchorage Museum in Anchorage (duh!)
Baranov Museum in Kodiak
Perseverance Theatre in Juneau

There are dozens of organizations listed on the site–or you can pick them as you’re applying online.
Pick.Click.Give. has proved popular with Alaskans so far this year, with more than $1,000,000 being pledged through this unique process. Take a moment when you’re applying online for your PFD to contribute to causes and organizations that are important to you.
Pick. Click. Give!

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