Is your phone smart enough to travel? Check w/GCI!

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Face it: every traveler needs a smart phone. Voice. Data. Text. You just have to have it.  Above, I took this pic to show off Alaska Air‘s in-flight connectivity. That’s my HTC Desire on the left running Twitter. On the right, my web-enabled iPod Touch running Facebook.  I like my HTC Desire, which is a Goog-phone, aka “Android”. Here are some of the smarty-pants phone specials from GCI.
a. Free Android Milestone (pictured) with three free months of data when you get a two-year contract. With all smartphones, you have to get the $30/mo. data package. Otherwise–what’s the point?
b. Iditarod Sweepstakes Contest. Sign up for any GCI service and receive 5,000 Alaska Air miles, plus a chance to win the VIP package, including:
1. One Idita-Rider seat in 2011 race (meaning you get to ride with a musher at the ceremonial start)
2. Two tickets to the Mushers Banquet in 2011
3. Overnight stay at a downtown Anchorage hotel
4. One year subscription to GCI’s Alaska Connection Package
5. Winter logo-gear for two
c. Pay-as-you-go plan for Smartphones. No contract required. This is great!  You bring your own Android phone and get a no-contract plan for as little as $69/mo. I like the $99 unlimited plan, which includes nationwide roaming (great for travelers!).

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