GCI Upgrade: Old cellphone to SMARTphone

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Now is your chance. If you’ve got one of the ol’ talk-n-text phones from GCI, take the plunge and upgrade to a smart phone, regardless of where you are on your existing GCI contract. My favorite is the Android “Desire” by HTC ($100 with a 2-year contract and $30/mo. data plan). But the HTC Hero (Desire’s little brother) is available for FREE with a 2-year contract and $30/mo. data plan.  Both of the HTC phones are on GCI‘s “CDMA” network for fast 3G data service.

If you want to join the Crackberry Tribe, three Blackberry phones are available for just $20 on the CDMA network: the 8330 Curve, the 8130 Pearl and the Flip Pearl 8230. Again, each smart phone requires a 2-year commitment and a $30/mo. data plan.

With each smart phone, you’ll get 5,000 Alaska Airlines miles!   Stop into a GCI store or visit GCI.com for further details.

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