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We use this site ( )to shout out the biggest stories on the Alaska travel front. Like exploring the Stikine River out of Wrangell with Alaska Waters. That’s the photo (above) I took heading up towards Telegraph Creek in Canada. Jim Leslie was driving his world-class jetboat, the Chutine Warrior,  up the Stikine. If you haven’t done it–you need to. Jim and his wife Wilma were in town this week (had a great cup of coffee over at Steam Dot Coffee).

But there are gobs of other interesting tidbits online. We find them all over–and we’re always in the hunt for some “News you can use” .  (Photo at right: Son Drew and I were scouting in Archangel Valley near Hatcher Pass for ptarmigan.) Check ’em out:

a. Facebook feed. Check it. Lots of good stuff from co-conspirators around the world.

b. Twitter feed. Headlines from all over. With just 140 characters–you’ll just see the come-on to check out the article/photo/video. Cool.

c. . Authored by my radio co-host, Erin Kirkland. She is a wealth of info for family travel around the Great Land. Together, we produce the Alaska Travelgram radio show each Tuesday, 2-3pm on KOAN 1020AM in Anchorage.

d. . My favorite Alaska news site. Good collection of columnists (including yours truly)–and they do a good job with news that matters.

e. . Chris passed through Anchorage last month on his 50-state book tour for “The Art of Nonconformity”. One of Chris’s specialties is “travel hacking”, showing travelers how to use mileage programs better. Translated: Travel for free. Pretty cool.

f. .  A camera. A passport. A ukelele. Pam Mandel writes an eclectic travel blog from her world HQ in West Seattle. She’s on her way to Antarctica and we’re following her every step of the way.

g. . OK. Not a travel site–but I really like Marian’s music and her styles. She recently finished a 50-state tour, so she qualifies as a “traveling minstrel”.

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