Top 10 Air Fares RIGHT NOW for 2011!

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Just got off the phone with Mary Gasperlin over at USTravel. We’re makin’ a list–and checkin’ it twice. We’re gonna find out which fares are naughty and which are nice!! BTW, lovin’ the Airbus 330 pictured above, operated by Oman Air. They, uh, have no plans to fly to Anchorage–but it’s a nice-lookin’ plane, huh?

It’s a great way to kick off 2011–with some low air fares. Borrowing a card from David Letterman, we’ve got our Top 10 Air Fares for 2011:

10. Fly nonstop to Germany from Anchorage this summer for as little as $783 roundtrip, all-in. We recommend Condor German Airlines for the nonstop flights (no more intermediate stop in Whitehorse on the return!!).

9. Why is  it cheaper to fly to Portland than it is to Seattle? Why ask why? The nonstop flights are $400 roundtrip, all-in on Alaska Airlines.

8. Take advantage of Alaska Airlines’ “constituent fare” to Juneau during the legislative session between January and April. You can trim 30 percent off of short-notice flights. The least-expensive flights still require a 21-day advance purchase.

7. Fly to Washington, DC from Anchorage for as little as $463 roundtrip, all-in. Let the professionals at USTravel in Alaska find you the right seat–at the right price. Call (907)561-2434 or (800)544-2217.

6. Fly to New York for just $499.50 roundtrip, all-in from Anchorage. This is a great price–in fact any time you can get to the East Coast for less than $500–it’s a good deal. So this qualifies–with 50 cents to spare!!

5. Fly to Salt Lake City from Anchorage for $387.50 roundtrip, all-in. A notoriously expensive airport, the fares are coming down due to increased competition. This fare is on USAir, but you can fly nonstop for about $20 more on Delta. Suh-weet!

4. Anchorage-Chicago for $429 roundtrip, all-in. Yes, that’s a good deal. Sometimes you can get the nonstop for that price–but this week, you get to stop over in Minneapolis, Seattle or Salt Lake to save the big money.

3. Anchorage-Los Angeles for $395 roundtrip all-in. Jump on this one. Fly Delta through Salt Lake City to get the best price. There is a 14-day advance purchase required.

2. Anchorage-Denver for just $355 roundtrip, all-in. How else can we say it: GREAT DEAL!! Fly on Delta.

Drum roll…..and the number-one hot air fare deal for the coming year:

1. Anchorage-Seattle for $466.10 roundtrip, all-in. Uh-oh. OK. This really isn’t a hot air fare. But we’ll be watching it. We put it in there because we WANT it to be a hot air fare in the worst way!

Let your professional travel agent at USTravel arrange for your hotel, your car rental, your cruise, your tour or your once-in-a-lifetime adventure. That’s what they’re there for: in Seattle, Anchorage, Kodiak, Prudhoe Bay, Dutch Harbor, Fairbanks, Juneau, Ketchikan…all over, really! Call: (800)544-2217 for more info.

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