Irradiate or Violate: that’s the TSA’s choice

In Alaska Travelgram, Consumer by scott


Travelers now have the opportunity to opt out of the TSA‘s strip-search machines. Those are the full-body scanners that leave…uh…nothing to the imagination.

But the government says the extra radiation is harmless. You believe them, don’t you? And they won’t store the pictures, either. Mm-hmm. Oh–and they won’t really find anything that someone….say…a suicide bomber, wants to place strategically “where the sun doesn’t shine”.

Travelers should join in the “National Opt Out Day” on Wed., Nov. 24. Just say no to the strip-search scanners.

Be prepared, though. If you decline the strip-search scan, the TSA will assault you with their “enhanced” pat down. Women will be groped “up” and “down”. Men–well, you get the idea. This is ridiculous.

The TSA is over-the-top with their secret lists, terror watchlists and bloated bureaucracy. Every traveler now is treated like a terrorist. Never mind that the new techniques do nothing to make us safer on board the flights. The latest terrorist wanna-be bombers were stopped by fellow passengers, or by the efforts of police on the ground. The TSA might grab the occasional knife or nail file. Big deal.

So–OPT OUT on Wed., Nov. 24. It is the necessary first step to roll back the TSA.

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