GCI+mobile computing=on the road again

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I’m not sure when it happened. You know–when your computer turned into a phone and your phone turned into a computer. But these days it’s all messed up. Thankfully, my partner in the mess, GCI, keeps coming out with “devices” that make life easier for uber-travelers. That’s me–and it’s a struggle to stay connected and productive when I’m on the road.

But I stopped in to talk with a couple of Geek Lords at GCI: Tom and Tim. They laid out the next-gen Geek Candy that keeps them up at night.  Is it a phone? A camera? A camcorder? A music player? An appointment book? A coffee grinder? You see where I’m going with this–each of these goodies is all that and more, with teeny screens and tiny blades to grind the beans. OKOK–no coffee grinder yet, but I’m pretty sure there’s an available Android app that can wash my car. HA.

To the far left is Tim’s Blackberry. Next to it (second from left),  is the BlackBerry Storm2. All of the features that BlackBerry users love, with a 3.25 inch touchscreen (no QWERTY keyboard — it’s ALL screen). It’s $99.99 w/new 2-year contract+smartphone data package.

EXTRA: Get Expert help from GCI’s posse of uber-Geeks. They offer FREE help in what’s called the “Smartphone Campus“. Click here for the info on free classes. Perfect for those of us who still cannot figure out how to program the remote (that’s me).

In the middle of the pic is my phone, the HTC Android Hero. I put it in there for scale.

To the right of my Hero is the Android Motorola Milestone (2nd from left), with a slideout  full-QWERTY keyboard. It’s got a 3.7 inch touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera and access to thousands of applications. This phone is FREE with a new, 2-yr contract+smartphone data package.

Drum roll.

On the right, the  HTC Desire (p-u-r-r-r-r), the beautiful touchscreen cousin of the HTC Incredible and favorite among Android users. This device comes with a 3.7 inch touchscreen, 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and access to thousands of apps. It’s FREE with a new, 2-yr. contract+smartphone data package. I AM ANGLING FOR ONE OF THESE UNITS!!

Turn the lights on to see the teeny-tiny Mi-Fi. Use this USB-interface device to launch your own secure hotspot for up to five devices (think phone, computer, printer, iPod). It’s $99.99 with new, two year contract. This is the next generation of the Xtreme Mobility wireless “stick” to tap into GCI‘s 3G mobile network. Sleek! The service is as low as $20 per month.

Get 5,000 Alaska Airlines Miles when you sign up for a new wireless contract or renew. Plus–one mile for every dollar you spend. GCI=Techno-Geeks for the 21st Century–and BEYOND!

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