GCI: Back to school wireless specials

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Back to school: Get any texting phone FREE, plus free unlimited nationwide texting for three months. You have to sign up for a tw0-year contract with a texting package to qualify–but this is a great deal.
Fan of the smart phone (my phone is m-u-c-h smarter than me). Choose from several travel essentials like Blackberry phones–and the phone is FREE, as long as you get a two-year contract, plus a smartphone package (typically about $30 per month on top of your plan cost).
Other GCI travel essentials on my radar:
a. XTREME Mobility. Cannot say enough about this handy device: it’s essentially a 3G cell phone that slips into your USB slot. That way, you can grab the fast signal right out of the air–without depending on intermittent hot spots when you’re traveling!
b. MI-FI. This is great technology. It essentially makes your laptop into a wi-fi router. You can enable up to five devices–and connect within 32 feet of your Mi-Fi. It’s fast, secure–and it’s available for just $20 per month. The device itself is $100, with a two-year contract.

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