Save $30 on the Seattle TourSaver

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If you love Seattle like we love Seattle, you’ll want your very own copy of the Seattle TourSaver. It’s the handy 2-for-1 book that will save you a bundle on everything:

a. Victoria Clipper: 2-for-1
b. Argosy Cruises: 2-for-1
c. Kenmore Air: 2-for-1
d. Museum of Flight: 2-for-1
e. Seattle Art Museum: 2-for-1
e. Tillicum Village: 2-for-1
f. Spring Hill Suites (Pike Street): 2-for-1
g. Experimental Music Project (EMP): 2-for-1
….and much more. More than 100 offers, with more than $6,000 in 2-for-1 travel deals. Scoop up your copy TODAY and save $30 off the normal purchase price of $79.95. Check the site–and follow instructions!

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