I’ve been working’ on the (Alaska) Railroad…

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…all the live-long day. And it’s high time for some high adventure close to home. Ride the rails from Anchorage down Turnagain Arm. I never get tired of that drive–but it’s even more fun when you can relax and watch the scenery instead of trying to pass that RV on that blind curve at 75 miles an hour! HA! J-u-s-t kidding (sort of).

Once you get to Portage, about 50 miles from Anchorage, the railroad leaves the road system, up to Moose Pass. Ride up to Spencer Lake, then get off the train. This is a great hiking area! This special Alaska Railroad package includes a hearty Alaska lunch. Then, take a canoe ride up toward the face of Spencer Glacier. Or, choose a float down the Placer River.

Either option offers a great day trip into the wilderness–and fun on the water. What are you waiting for? Summer’s finally here–get out and DO something.

I’ll see you on the incredible Alaska Railroad! Oh–if you still want to race the Alaska State Troopers on the highway, meet the train in Portage. The cost is $169 roundtrip from Anchorage, or $129 from Portage (or Whittier).

Call now for reservations (800)544-0552. And we’ll see YOU on the Alaska Railroad!

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