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May is Stroke Awareness Month. Alaska Regional Hospital is the state’s first Joint Commission-certified stroke center, so the stroke team knows it’s crucial  to recognize the signs and symptoms of stroke in themselves and their loved ones.
Get a “FAST” magnet. I have a pile of them on my desk–and I’ll send you one. FREE. Just drop me a  note here: [email protected]
As a “regional” facility, Alaska Regional Hospital maintains its own aircraft and flight crew for emergency transport…pictured here (Kingair).
STROKE: If something doesn’t seem right and you suspect it may be stroke, use this simple “F A S T” test:
F is for Face–ask the person to smile. If one side of their face appears crooked or drooping this person may be having a stroke
A is for Arms–ask them to lift both arms in the air–if there is difficulty with one arm, this too may be a sign of a stroke
S is for Speech–ask the person to repeat a simple sentence. If their words are slurred or they are unable to speak, this may be a sign
T is for Time – if any of the previous symptoms are present, CALL 9-1-1 immediately.
Stroke is a medical emergency, so get help quickly.  Call Alaska Regional’s heart and stroke line at 264-2332 to learn more about signs and symptoms.
COMING UP: Men’s Health Fair  on June 19, 2010.  Time: 8 a.m.-12 Noon.
Location: Alaska Regional Hospital main lobby.  Stop in for free blood tests (lipid panel, blood sugar & PSA), plus blood pressure checks and an exercise demonstration. Educational exhibits and mini seminars will help you with men’s health issues. Learn CPR in 20 minutes and also pick up a hunting/fishing license at a $5 discount! No RSVP is necessary. Women are also welcome to attend. Call Audry at (907)264-1113 for more information.

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