Air fares–did you get the memo?

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Did you get the memo from USTravel? G-r-e-a-t “H-O-F” (hair on f-i-r-e-!)  air fares out there. Here are a few of the ones we’re tracking:
Anchorage to Honolulu nonstop: $396 roundtrip, including all taxes and fees. Fairbanks-Honolulu is $456 roundtrip, including all taxes and fees. Here’s the skinny:
a. Travel between May 30 and September 30, 2010. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays ONLY (those are the only Alaska Airlines nonstop flights this time of year). MUST purchase these Honolulu tickets no later than 5/27/2010.
b. Let the professionals at USTravel arrange for your hotel/condo/car at the same time. Call (907)561-2434 in Anchorage, or toll-free: (800)544-2217.
We’re tracking lots of other cities for summertime travel, including:
Anchorage-Portland from $400rt all-in (all summer long) nonstop
Anchorage-San Francisco $416rt all-in (all summer long) nonstop
Anchorage-Denver $420rt all-in (all summer long) nonstop
Anchorage-Chicago $459rt all-in (all summer long) nonstop
Anchorage-Washington DC $460rt all-in (all summer long)
Fairbanks-Denver $435rt all-in (all summer long) nonstop
NEW: Anchorage-Minneapolis $434rt all-in (through June 20, 2010) nonstop
Check with the folks at USTravel. They’ll charge about $38 per ticket, but they can round up these low fares–even when you’re in a hurry (to put out that fire!). Call now:
a. Anchorage (907)561-2434
b. Fairbanks (907)452-8992
c. Kodiak (907)486-3232
d. Ketchikan (907)228-8900
e. Seattle (206)674-4444
f. Dutch Harbor (907)581-3133
g. Prudhoe Bay (907)659-2514
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