Sum-sum-summertime nonstops!

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Window seat

I love Alaska Airlines‘ summer schedule.  They bring back a gob of nonstop flights to some of my favorite destinations: Anchorage-Denver, Anchorage-San Francisco and Anchorage-L.A. Let’s take a look at some of the best prices and best destinations on nonstop flights to/from Anchorage:

Anchorage-Portland: $199 o/w all-in
Anchorage-San Francisco: $237 o/w all-in
Anchorage-Los Angeles: $247 o/w all-in **
Anchorage-Denver: $226 o/w all-in
Anchorage-Chicago: $223 o/w all-in

Remember: the best prices apply to those nonstop flight during the summer. Some of the good fares start mid-May (Denver). Other ramp up around June 6-9 (S.F., Chicago, Portland).

Use your Alaska Airlines Visa card to buy your tickets. Why? Simple: you get triple miles for your purchases. That means if your ticket costs $400, you earn 1,200 miles (plus miles on your actual flight).

Apply for a new Alaska Airlines Signature Visa card and get 25,000 bonus miles when you’re approved. That’s enough for a free ticket. But my favorite feature on the Visa card is the $100 companion ticket that you get. It works systemwide (Alaska or Horizon Air only–no code-share flights).  Since we have two of the cards, we get two companion tickets and typically use them to go to Mexico.  Learn more. Apply now.

**Use this great air fare to LAX with Alaska’s “Kids Fly Free to Disneyland” package.  You have to purchase by May 7 and travel must be completed by June 9. But it’s a great deal. One child (age 2-11) flies free when accompanied by an adult (18 or older).  Visit the website and check out the packages available with this promotion.

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