Sale ends today! Choose to cruise!

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Call USTravel today and save on these great cruises:
a. 7-night Mexican Riviera (various dates through 12/26) $499 per person
b. 7-night Caribbean (various dates through 12/22) $499 per person
c. 10-20 night Mediterranean (various dates through Oct. 24) $899 per person
d. 12-21 night S. America/Antarctica (10/13-12/20/10) $999 per person
Other great bargains TODAY ONLY for cruises to the Baltic, South Pacific, Hawaii, Australia/New Zealand…and more! Call Kelly Jo or Melinda in Anchorage: (907)561-2434 or toll-free (800)544-2217.
Let the Alaskan experts at USTravel and Explore Tours plan your vacation. Whether you’re seeing a new part of the state this year–or entertaining loved ones, Explore Tours can arrange all the details. Accommodations, tours, activities, transportation–the works. Check out the options online here: . Then, call to make your arrangements. Hurry. Summer’s coming!! Outside Anchorage, call Explore Tours toll-free: (800) 523-7405.

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