Alaska Air: last day to save

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Fly between now and June 18, 2010. But you must purchase by this eve (Apr 2). Low fares are available from most Alaska Airlines jet cities, including Kodiak, Cordova, Adak, Fairbanks, Barrow, Kotzebue, Juneau, Anchorage, etc. Here is a rundown of some of my favorite destinations and rates. I’m quoting roundtrip, including all taxes and fees.

But all of Alaska Airlines‘ fares are one-way. So you can mix-n-match. You can use miles for an award ticket in one direction, or return from a different city. And there’s no minimum stay (but you do have to complete travel by June 18 at these prices).

Be sure you’re signed up for Alaska’s mileage plan before you travel (I am). Also, charge your trip on the Alaska Airlines Visa card (I do). If you don’t have a card, apply here and get 25,000 bonus miles when you’re approved. I wish I could say I got those miles–but I only got 5,000 miles as a bonus when I signed up. Remember–you get a $99 companion ticket with the Visa card each year. That’s worth the $75 annual fee, IMHO.

Back to business. Here are some of my favorite fares. Go to to shop for your city.

Between Anchorage and:
Seattle (nonstop) $436rt all-in
Portland (nonstop) $476rt all-in
Boise $516rt all-in
Bozeman $516rt all-in
Billings $516rt all-in
Denver (nonstop) $436rt all-in
Chicago (nonstop) $456rt all-in
Reno $516rt all-in
Las Vegas $516rt all-in
Eugene $516rt all-in
Washington, DC $538rt all-in
Dallas $576rt all-in
San Diego $516rt all-in
San Francisco (nonstop) $516rt all-in
Los Angeles (nonstop) $516rt all-in
Houston $576rt all-in

Between Fairbanks and:
Seattle (nonstop) $536rt all-in
Portland $676rt all-in
Long Beach $562 rt all-in (STAND-OUT VALUE LEADER!)
Denver $544rt all-in
San Francisco $699rt all-in
Chicago $674rt all-in
San Diego $539rt all-in (WOW!)
Spokane $669rt all-in

Between Juneau and:
Seattle $397rt all-in
San Francisco $577rt all-in
L.A. $599rt all-in
Wash., DC $707rt all-in
Las Vegas $639rt all-in
Chicago $639rt all-in
Minneapolis $639rt all-in
Atlanta $639rt all-in
Houston $626rt all-in
Austin $626rt all-in
Tucson$639rt all-in

Purchase your tickets here by the end of today. The least-expensive travel days are Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays. You can travel on the other days of course–it just costs a little more $$.

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