ANC-SFO or ANC-DEN: $198 ea way!

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We talked about summertime fares–and they’re still out there. But here comes a fresh batch of SPRING fares. Most of the best lo-ball, bottom-feeder fares I’ve listed here (is there any other kind????) require a 21-day advance purchase. Note: You also can book these rates for summertime travel. The key issue is they’re available RIGHT NOW!

Big shout-out to our friends at USTravel here in Anchorage. Their tools and their support make it possible to dig up these fares! Kelly Jo or Melinda in Anchorage (or the staff at the USTravel location nearest you in Seattle, Spokane, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Fairbanks or Dutch Harbor) can save you time and money finding the right fare for you. It’s not always the cheapest–odd as that may seem. Additionally, your agent can help you button up your hotel and car arrangements. Let’s review:

1. Anchorage-San Francisco: $198 one-way, all in on USAir. 21-day adv. pur.
2. Anchorage-Denver: $198 one-way, all-in on USAir. 21-day adv. pur.
3. Anchorage-Chicago: $254 one-way, all-in on USAir. 21-day adv. pur.
4. Anchorage-Philadelphia: 267 one-way, all-in on Alaska Air (via Chicago). 21-day adv. pur.
5. Anchorage-LAX: $270 one-way, all-in on Alaska Airlines. 21-day adv. pur.
6. Anchorage-Bozeman or Billings, MT: $273 one-way, all-in on United. 21-day adv. pur.
7. Anchorage-Santa Barbara: $280 one-way, all in on Alaska Air.
8. Anchorage-Kalispell, MT: $280 one-way, all in on Alaska Air.
9. Anchorage-San Diego: $280 one-way, all in on Alaska Air
10. Anchorage-Orlando: $288 one-way, all in on Alaska Air

Most of these new fares require a 21-day advance purchase. United and USAir started these fare cuts and Alaska Airlines is following along. Remember Scott’s first rule of affordable air fares: “When airlines are mad at each other, the traveler wins”. That’s clearly the case with these springtime fares. You and I can scream all we want to about high air fares–and the airlines are completely deaf. Witnesseth: it’s still $271 each way to Seattle on Alaska Air ($304.50 each way on Continental). O–M–G–!

Check with Kelly Jo or Melinda today or Monday and lock in these springtime air fares! (907)561-2434 or (800)544-2217 toll-free.

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