Era in-state specials + 2x points to/from Kenai, Homer

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Fly Era Alaska between Anchorage and Kenai or Anchorage and Homer and get DOUBLE Flyaway Rewards points through Feb. 28, 2010. You’ll get 40 points per roundtrip. Plus, you get 20 points once you sign up for the program and take your first flight.
You only need 200 points to get a free ticket–so sign up today!
Plus–GREAT web specials available  ONLINE through Jan. 25, 2010:
Anchorage-Kodiak                $279RT
Anchorage-Kenai                 $149RT
Anchorage-Homer                 $179RT
Anchorage-Valdez                $199RT
Anchorage-Fairbanks             $219RT
Anchorage-Barrow                $369RT
Anchorage-Aniak                 $299RT
Anchorage-Bethel                $339RT
Anchorage-Cordova               $229RT
Fairbanks-Barrow              $369RT
REMEMBER: There is NO bothersome TSA check for Era flights. Go directly to your flight after checking in at the counter. Leave your shoes on. No  shakedown/frisk or full-body-scan-virtual-strip-search required. This is HUGE.

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