Rubberbanditz ROK!

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medium-bandhome-exercisesWorkout on the run? You need Rubberbanditz. This resistance band system is like a gym in your carry-on bag! Whether you’re lunching in London or hiking in Hawaii, take this handy system along so you can do your resistance training!

The handy packet includes the bands themselves, some grips and accessories, as well as a DVD for me suggested circuits.

Now: NO EXCUSES for slacking off when you’re on the road, cooped up in a hotel room. Get up and get with it–with Rubberbanditz!

I’m afraid to post the pictures of using these big rubber bands. But don’t worry–they won’t snap and poke your eye out!! HA! The handy manual is a GREAT resource on how to set up your own routine.

Visit the website and check out the video. It’s the perfect gift for the traveler on your gift list!

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