Together, we’re building a school in Cambodia

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Passports with Purpose 2009: Our travel-blogger friends in Seattle are at it again. This Christmas, we’re doing a fundraising drive for American Assistance for Cambodia (AAfC). The goal is to raise $13,000 for a school in rural Cambodia. This is a matching donation–AAfC has a donor who will provide the other $13,000 necessary.

Here is a first-hand report from Nicholas Kristof, who has visited Cambodia several times.

Just like last year, Passports with Purpose features an entire list of travel-related prizes you can sign up for. Here’s a link to all the prizes.

We’re donating a copy of this year’s Great Alaskan TourSaver. You get to pick which prize you’d like to sign up for. Every $10 donation gets you a chance to win–enter as many times as you wish (DUNH!!).

While the goal is $13,000, Beth (Wanderlust and Lipstick) , Debbie (Delicious Baby), Pam (Nerd’s Eye View) and their group have raised almost $11,000 in the first few days. So–we’re optimistic that we’ll surpass the goal–with your help.

AAfC has helped in the construction of more than 400 primary and lower secondary schools in rural Cambodia–in addition to many other contributions. These people are making things happen–and you can help by donating to the cause here.

Together, we’re building a school in Cambodia!

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