GCI’s Techno-Toy Store

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Add “Spot” to your Alaska Survival Kit. With this cutting-edge sat-tracker, you can request help from friends

and family. You can let your contacts know that you’re OK. You can allow contacts to track your progress through Google Maps. And you can dispatch emergency responders to your exact location in the event of an emergency.


Now just $99.95, Spot is available at all GCI stores.

Drown-no-more Samsung B2100. Have you ever drowned your cell phone? More than one? Three or more? Whoo-boy. You need the B2100 from GCI. It’s just $40 with a two-year contract. Data capable. Check it out.

Unlimited. I like the sound of that. GCI‘s unlimited plans let you talk…and talk…and talk. And text…and more. Nationwide unlimited plan: just $100/mo. Alaska unlimited plan: just $55/mo.

GCI is the official techno-toy store for the Alaska Travelgram! Don’t forget about the free Blackberry 101 classes!! Four new classes now are available in Anchorage at GCI’s store near the corner of C St. and Northern Lights Blvd. These classes are FREE! Learn more about your Blackberry SmartPhone!

Xtreme Mobility. I’ve talked about this before–but I’ll say it again. This little USB device saves me on a  regular basis. No need to depend on irregular, undependable or expensive wireless networks. Plus in this wireless card for fast internet–it’s just $20/mo for all GCI Cable Modem customers. Check it out here.

GCI has all the tools for today’s traveler. Visit the website, or check out the nearest GCI store throughout Alaska.

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