GCI: Official Techno-sponsor

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Yup. GCI is the Official Technology sponsor of AlaskaTravelgram.com

We recently picked up a Nokia 5800 smartphone from GCI.Nokia 5800-1 I’m hooked on the Crackberry, of course (I need some more instruction!), but this new phone has a bunch of cool features, including a touch-screen, a robust music player, a 3-megapixel camera, etc.

And it’s just one more device that goes to support our office-on-the-move. When you’re traveling, you need to stay in touch. Here’s how we do it with GCI:

a. Cell phones that rock. We’re on the Nationwide Unlimited plan, with unlimited text. That way, I can stay away from the hotel phone. Nothing good ever comes from the hotel phone, aside from an occasional wake-up call.

b. Wireless card. This high-speed wireless solution is great when you cannot depend on the “free” wireless network at the coffee shop. Or, when you’re camped at the airport between flights–you can surf for free while others have to shell out $$$ for access. Let’s not talk about wicked hotels that charge for internet. GCI helps you escape their greedy clutches! The wireless card for your laptop is $20/mo. when you can Cable TV w/GCI (we do).

c. Home techno-bundle. We have our local/long-distance phone service with GCI, as well as their cable TV package with the HD channels. We also have the fastest internet package we can get, since we’re pushing up more videos.

GCI is a great partner for techno-geeks. On the road or on the sofa–we’re all connected. HAHA. I was waiting to see how I could squeeze in their snappy positioning statement. You get the idea.

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