Great Alaskan TourSaver = 2-for-1

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It’s true. The Great Alaskan TourSaver is synonymous with 2-for-1 travel savings around the state. Whether it’s for the Riverboat Discovery tour in Fairbanks, or the sea kayaking tour in Ketchikan, EVERYTHING is 2-for-1.GATS09-Cover-350p

Just purchase the book online ( for $99.95 and start making reservations. Here are some of our favorite trips. Remember–everything is 2-for-1:

a. Bear viewing in Kodiak.
b. Dinner cruise in Kodiak.
c. Valley of the 10,000 Smokes in Katmai National Park
d. Incredible 7-d/6-n wilderness adventure in Lake Clark National Park
e. Day cruise in Glacier Bay National Park.
f. Air fare between Anchorage and Fairbanks.
g. Air fare between Juneau and Glacier Bay.
h. Glacier hike in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park
i. Glacier/widlife cruise in Kenai Fjords National Park
j. Rail Tour to Spencer Glacier on the Alaska Railroad
k. JEEZ. Do I have to keep on typing???? You get the picture. There are more than 130 offers in the book–and EVERYTHING is 2-for-1. Incredible.

Order yours today. And start saving!! Oh, headed to Seattle? Ask about the Seattle TourSaver. More than 100 offers!! Everything is 2-for-1!

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