Non-stop deals to Frankfurt

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Don’t miss out on Condor’s mid-summer specials. I’m tracking their website for deals from both Anchorage and Fairbanks to Frankfurt and back.


Between Anchorage and Frankfurt 3x weekly (Tue/Sat/Sun):

ANC-FRA on July 11

FRA-ANC on July 28  Total fare? Whoa. Just $779rt (Biz class $1,339rt)

Between Fairbanks and Frankfurt 1x weekly on Thu:

FAI-FRA on July 2

FRA-FAI on July 16 Total fare? Just $919rt (Biz class  $1,479rt)

Grab your passport. I’ll meet you at the airport. We flew Condor earlier this month from Anchorage to Frankfurt. They do a great job. Once you arrive in Frankfurt, you have plenty of options. Make plans now to visit Europe this summer! Learn more online.

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